The Patricia Dilts Fund For Breast Cancer Research

I am pleased to announce the establishment of the Patricia Dilts Fund For Breast Cancer Research. The Patricia Dilts Fund was founded in the name of my mother, Patricia Dilts, whose remarkable recovery and long-term survival from advanced breast cancer has been an inspiration to people all over the world.

The focus of the Patricia Dilts Fund will be on research demonstrating how diet, attitude and life style changes can help to prevent and treat breast cancer, especially at an early stage.

The Patricia Dilts Fund is part of the Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation. The Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation focuses its efforts in three areas of breast cancer treatment and prevention:

The goal of the Foundation is to find new answers that will lead to the prevention of breast cancer.

The Foundation was established by Dr. Susan Love, an internationally known proponent of innovative approaches to the diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer. Trained as a physician at Harvard University, Dr. Love is a promoter of patient empowerment, referring to her patients as “partners.” Dr. Love was appointed to the National Cancer Advisory Board in December 1998 and is currently an Adjunct Professor of Clinical Surgery at UCLA, where she also received an MBA. She lectures throughout the world and is the author of several books, including Susan Love’s Breast Book and Dr. Susan Love’s Menopause and Hormone Book.

Dr. Love’s book on the alternatives available for breast cancer patients was a tremendous resource for my mother and I during her extraordinary self-healing process from breast cancer.

The Patricia Dilts Fund For Breast Cancer Research was launched at the recent International Health Conference sponsored by the Institute for the Advanced Studies of Health (IASH) and was attended by Dr. Susan Love and members of the Dilts family. More than $5,000 was raised during the conference.

We are currently welcoming tax deductible donations to the Patricia Dilts Fund in order to support a better understanding of the ways in which we can prevent and promote healing from breast cancer.

If you would like to make a donation, Please fill your check out to the Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation and put the words “Patricia Dilts Fund” on the Memo line of the check.

You may mail your donation to:

The Patricia Dilts Fund For Breast Cancer Research
P.O. Box 67448
Scotts Valley, CA 95067

People who donate more than $25 will receive a complimentary copy of Patricia Dilts’ monograph My Pathway to Wholeness--the powerful story of her healing journey written from her perspective, in her own words.

Be a part of ending breast cancer in our lifetime.